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Witmer Lake Association Objectives
Support water testing and water quality programs
Advocate on behalf of lake homeowners to protect our property values
Board Members:


Gary Brazel (President):

Dave Walter (Vice-President):

Janet Vail (Treasurer):

Rob Cleveland (Secretary):


Gary Andrew

Jenny Burroughs

Dustin Calhoun

Ben Gulley

Jack Johnson

Gary Neumann

Craig Wittrig

How Witmer Lake Association Dues are used:

  • Our dues help to support the water quality testing program initiated by Five Lakes Conservation and gives us a voice in keeping our lake clear and clean.

  • Working with state agencies such as the DNR our dues assist with the preparation of documents and permits and in some cases costs associated with the maintenance of channels and waterways to improve lake quality and access.

  • Our dues are used to support the control of the geese population on Witmer Lake, ensuring water quality remains high for our homeowners.

  • The Witmer Lake Association manages and maintains our own website with news and events, photos, lake status and more.

  • The Witmer Lake Association through our dues organizes and supports the annual Witmer Lake flotilla and in 2024 will .be open to residents of all five lakes on the chain.

  • Our dues support the annual 4th of July fireworks in conjunction with homeowners on Dallas & Westler lakes.

  • Our dues enabled the Witmer Lake Association to work on behalf of lake homeowners to successfully defend against unreasonable hikes in sewer rates.  We continue to monitor the allocation of sewer costs and work to ensure our lake homeowners are fairly represented in ensuring the sewer system meets the needs of the broader community.

  • The Witmer Lake Association continues to work with the Town of Wolcottville to ensure the needs of the broader community are appropriately and reasonably shared between homeowners on the lake and those who reside here permanently.


Membership in the Witmer Lake Association is voluntary but we do need everyone’s support to continue to represent our rights as homeowners on Witmer Lake and to ensure our property values are not adversely impacted through actions of others.


Annual dues are $30 and can be paid one of three ways:

Your membership will help make us stronger in our effort to ensure Witmer Lake remains the wonderful and enjoyable summer retreat that we’ve come to know.

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